Math 342: Topology, Spring 2016

MWF 1:10-2pm, Library 204

Office Hours: Mon 11-12, Wed 2-3, and by appointment in Library 313

Textbook: Topology, 2nd ed., by James Munkres.

syllabus.pdf / syllabus.tex

Week 1: January 25-29

Homework due Friday

Week 2: February 1-5

Homework due Friday

Week 3: February 8-12

Homework due Friday

Week 4: February 15-19

No homework this week.

Week 5: February 22-26

Homework due Friday

Week 6: February 29 - March 4

Homework due Friday

Week 7: March 7-11

Homework due Friday

Week 8: March 14-18

Homework due Friday

Spring Break: March 21-25

Week 9: March 28 - April 1

Announcement: Amazing topology talks upcoming at Reed: Jeremiah Heller on vector bundles (April 1), Steve Awodey on homotopy type theory (April 7), Dan Dugger on elliptic curves and Pascal's theorem (April 14), Vesna Stojanoska on shapes of numbers (April 21), and Haynes Miller on knots and numbers (April 28)!

Take-home exam due at the start of class on Friday.

Week 10: April 4-8

Homework due Friday

Week 11: April 11-15

Homework due Friday

Week 12: April 18-22

Homework due Friday

Note: Students presenting on Friday get an automatic extension until Monday, April 25.

Problems 9(e) and 10 from §58 are highly recommended, but also completely optional.

Week 13: April 24-29

Homework due Friday

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