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Spring 2013-14 Schedule

Math 212 Lectures | Assignments | Solutions | Notes | Maxwell's equations

A First Course in Modular Forms (with Fred Diamond, Springer GTM 228, 2005) Errata (1st printing) (2nd) (3rd)

Geometry and Number Theory on Clovers (with David Cox, October 2005 Monthly, copyright MAA) Excerpt | Talk

Geometry of the Quintic (copyright has reverted to me, originally Wiley, 1997) Talk

Calculus and multivariable calculus notes

Algebra, complex analysis, and number theory materials

Recent senior theses advised

Writing workshop talk

``Teaching has a dismal effect on the soul. It exemplifies the badness of established artificial authority. The pedagogue has almost absolute authority over his pupils: he often beats them and insensibly he loses the sense of respect due to them as fellow human beings. He does them harm, but the harm they do him is far greater. He may easily become the all-knowing tyrant, always right, always virtuous; in any event he perpetually associates with his inferiors, the king of his company; and in a surprisingly short time alas this brands him with the mark of Cain. Have you ever known a schoolmaster fit to associate with grown men? The Dear knows I never have. They are horribly warped indeed.'' --Stephen Maturin, via Patrick O'Brian