Math 138: Knot Theory, Knot Practice

Tuesday Thursday 10:30-11:50am, Library 204

Office Hours: Tu 3-4, Wed 11-12, Th 3-4, Library 313

Textbook: The Knot Book by Colin Adams

syllabus.pdf / syllabus.tex

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Knot theory, knot practice is an inclusive introduction to modern mathematics through the lens of knot theory. By studying invariants, we will see how the notions of number and algebra come to bear on a fundamental question from topology: when are two knots the same? Topics include

Students of all mathematical backgrounds are welcome.

Week 1

Homework due Thursday

Week 2

Homework due Thursday

Week 3

Homework due Thursday

Starred* problems are optional challenge problems. All teams are encouraged to engage with them. Double-starred** problems are optional and extra challenging.

Week 4

Homework due Thursday

Week 5

Homework due Thursday

Week 6

No homework this week

Week 7

Homework due Thursday

New homework groups were distributed via email. The stereographic projection problems may be easier for those of you who have seen vectors ala Math 211. Make sure that everyone in your group understands the arguments.

Enjoy your Fall Break!

Week 8

Homework due Thursday

Week 9

Homework due Thursday

Week 10

Homework due Thursday

Week 11

No homework this week.

Week 12

Homework due Thursday

Week 13

Homework due Tuesday, December 8.

Week 14

The LaTeX document preparation system

Poor handwriting? Love escape characters? Too much free time? Try LaTeX!

Kyle M. Ormsby