Kyle M. Ormsby
Reed College
Department of Mathematics
Library 306

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Welcome! I'm an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics at Reed College.

My research is in algebraic topology with an emphasis on computations in the chromatic and motivic settings.

During Fall 2018 I am teaching Math 201: Linear Algebra (sections F02 & F03) and Math 412: Topics in Algebra.

26.VIII.17: Check out Project Project, the math visualization group I led summer 2017.
17.IV.17: New paper [arXiv] on vanishing in stable motivic homotopy sheaves. (Joint with Oliver Röndigs and Paul Arne Østvær.)
10.III.17: I am co-organizing the conference Homotopy theory in the ecliptic: chromatic, equivariant, and motivic mathematics in honor of Doug Ravenel's 70th birthday.
31.I.17: New paper [arXiv] on the stable Galois correspondence for real closed fields. (Joint with Jeremiah Heller.)
9.VIII.16: New paper [arXiv] on the tensor triangular geometry of the stable motivic homotopy category. (Joint with Jeremiah Heller.)
3.II.16: Another K-group research project is on the arXiv: Injectivity and surjectivity of the Dress map by Ricardo Rojas-Echenique. You can read more about Ricardo's project in this blog post. 31.V.16: Now published in JPAA!
23.I.16: Slides from my Paideia course on mountain trail running (and an accompanying blog post).
2.XI.15: Blog post on Thornton's theorem.
28.X.15: My student, Riley Thornton, wrote up his K-group research project: The homogeneous spectrum of Milnor-Witt K-theory. 4.V.16: Now published in Journal of Algebra!
3.IX.15: Steve Bleiler, Angélica Osorno, and I are organizing the 55th Cascade Topology Seminar to be held at Portland State University, November 7-8.

13.IV.15: Course announcement for Fall 2015: Knot Theory, Knot Practice.
13.I.15: On Tuesday, January 20, I'm teaching the Paideia course How to print a knot in Physics 123 from 4 to 6pm. You can find my sage code for generating STL files here. Examples: unknot, trefoil, figure eight. (View and manipulate STL files with MakerBot Desktop, meshlab, or blender.)
8.I.15: I'm running The K-group this summer, July 6 - August 28. Applications are due March 31.
6.I.15: New Paper [arXiv] on cooperations in topological modular forms (joint with Mark Behrens, Nat Stapleton, and Vesna Stojanoska).
23.XII.14: Angélica Osorno and I are hosting a conference on equivariant and motivic homotopy theory.

21.I.14: New Paper [arXiv] on Galois equivariance and stable motivic homotopy theory (joint with Jeremiah Heller). 12.II.16: Now published in Transactions of the AMS.

14.X.13: New Paper [arXiv] on stable motivic π1 (joint with Paul Arne Østvær). 14.VIII.14: Now published in Advances in Mathematics.

21.II.13: I recently gave a talk for undergraduates about motivic homotopy theory. You can find slides and more here.

1.XI.12: New Paper [arXiv] on level structures and the K(2)-local sphere at p = 2 (joint with Mark Behrens). 7.XI.16:Now published in Algebraic & Geometric Topology.

Updated April 2017.