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Who Are We?

A Primer on Civil Life

Short Questions and Responses
for Young People to Ponder
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The Subway Page

Links to World Subway

and Other Transportation Information Resources

Special thanks to my colleague Michael Teskey for numerous contributions to my physical collection of maps, pocket maps, promotional materials, tickets, tokens, and other subway and transit-related materials from all parts of the globe, constituting one of the largest and most varied components of that collection.

image: Stockholm Local Transport Authority
Moscow Metro page, late 1990's


(each bullet is a distinct page)

Photo by Robert Reynolds

City subway maps

Tyne and Wear Metro Logo
(thanks to Roger Fern for identification)

If you know of resources -- particularly subway maps -- that could usefully be added to these pages, please advise me by e-mail. Thanks -- to you and to the many transit professionals and enthusiasts who have contributed information, images, and encouragement to date!

Image: Toronto International Film Festival

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image: Stockholm Local Transport Authority

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