Math 111: Calculus, Fall 2014

Section F01: MTWF 8-8:50am, Library 389
Section F03: MTWF 11-11:50am, Eliot 207

Office Hours: T 9-11am, Wθ 1:30-2:30pm, Library 313
Math Center: SuMTWθ 7-9pm, Library 387

Textbook: Calculus of a single variable by Larson, Hostetler, and Edwards, 8th ed.

Syllabi [pdf]: F01, F03

Week 14

Homework due Tuesday night.

Week 13

Homework due Friday

Week 12

Announcement: Homework is due Monday, Dec. 1. A different (and final) homework set will be due on Friday, Dec. 5.

Homework due Monday, Dec. 1.

Week 11

Announcement: Our final exam takes place Tuesday, Dec. 16, 6-9pm in Physics 123.

Homework due Friday

Week 10

Announcement: Women in Math & Physics Brunch, Parker House, 10am-Noon, Saturday, Nov. 15. RSVP by Nov. 10 to Isabella Jorissen (

Homework due Friday

Week 9

[INTEGRALS] (A terse pdf recounting the theory of integrals as done in class. Meant to bolster, not replace, your own notes.)

Homework due Friday

Week 8

*It's recommended that you read sections 4.2 and 4.3 above. Note, though, that the definition of the integral given in class is different from (and better than) the one in the book. We will use the class definition headed forward.

Homework due Friday

Week 7

Homework due Friday

Week 6

Homework due Friday

Week 5

Homework due Friday

Week 4

Homework due Friday

Week 3

Homework due Friday

Week 2

Homework due Friday

Important note: For all true/false questions, provide a proof if the statement is true, and provide a counterexample if it's false.

Week 1

Homework due Friday

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