TEACHING Theses Advised at Reed

Devin Chalmers. The Computable World. Mathematics and Philosophy. 2008.

Douglas Borst. An Account of Evolutionary Progress. Philosophy. 2007.

Ian Fisher. Ethical Implications of Creating Life from Scratch. Philosophy. 2007.

Robert Gadda. Biological Teleology in the Real World. Philosophy. 2007.

Simon Hilarides. A Critical Evaluation of Scientific Realism. Philosophy. 2005.

Emily Parke. An Analysis and Evaluation of the Precautionary Principle. Philosophy. 2004

Gemma Petrie. Decision Theory and New Technologies. Philosophy. 2004

Maureen Pardee. Feast and Famine: Moral Obligations Toward the Hungury. Philosophy. 2003

Joshua Dulberger. For Who's Sake? Resolving the Units of Selection Controversy. Philosophy. 2003

Harold Gabel. A More Constructive Approach to Emergence. Philosophy. 2003

Ryan Miller. This Will Be the Title of My Thesis: An Argument for Fatalism. Philosophy. 2000

Matthew Easterday. Context Dependency: A Computational Search for Meaning. Mathematics and Psychology. 1999.

Gordon Kirkwood. Cellular Specialization as an Emergent Phenomenon: Studies of Differentiation in Simulated Genetic Regulatory Networks. Biology. 1999.

Chris Meacham. Time Asymmetry in Physics: Laws or Boundary Conditions? Philosophy and Physics. 1999.

Shareen Joshi. Is Technical Trading a Menace? Results from an Agent-Based Artificial Model. Economics and Mathematics. 1998.

Duncan Seawell. Out of the Armchair: The Philosophy of Traditional Artificial Intelligence and the Internet-as-Mind Idea. Philosophy. 1998.

Aaron Kennedy. Expectation and Dominance in Rational Choice. Philosophy. 1997.

Patrick Leyshock. An Evaluation of Eliminative Materialism. Philosophy. 1997.

Joseph Kord Davis. A Critical Analysis of Naturalized Epistemology as an Account of Human Knowledge. Philosophy. 1996.

Robert Seymour. Economic Functionalism. Philosophy and Economics. 1995.

Ruth Bennett. There's No Face Like Holmes': An Analysis of Fictional Characters. Philosophy. 1993.

Benjamin Cushman. Free Will, Free Want, Free Lunch: Concepts of Identification in Real Self Accounts of Freedom. Philosophy. 1993.

Philip Jon Quitslund. The Spectre of Simulation: A Look at Possible Challenges to Strong Artificial Life. Philosophy. 1992.

Scott Sterling. Intentionality. Philosophy. 1992.