Alison Crocker

For my research, I study the cold gas and dust within nearby galaxies to learn how these galaxies are creating new generations of stars in the present-day universe. My current mission is to understand the neutral carbon line emission from local galaxies using data from the Herschel Space Telescope. More details can be found on my research page.

Reed has a 12" telescope on the roof of the physics building. For Fall 2017, a team of student telescope operators are hosting open-to-Reed observing nights at 8:30pm on Mondays from the start of classes to Fall Break. For more info on the telescope and for up-to-date info on if a particular Monday is clear enough to observe head to the telescope webpage.

Office hours (Fall 2017):
On leave. Email if you need to reach me.


Contact Info:
Physics Department, Office 228B
Reed College
Portland, OR

Alison's email (protected)