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The prerequisites for this course are listed in appendix C . You should look over this appendix, and make sure that everything in it is more or less familiar to you. If you are unfamiliar with much of this material, you might want to discuss with your instructor whether you are prepared to take the course. It will be helpful to have studied some trigonometry, but all of the trigonometry used in these notes will be developed as it is needed.

You should read these notes carefully and critically. There are quite a few cases where I have tried to trick you by giving proofs that use unjustified assumptions. In these cases I point out that there is an error after the proof is complete, and either give a new proof, or add some hypotheses to the statement of the theorem. If there is something in a proof that you do not understand, there is a good chance that the proof is wrong.

Ray Mayer 2007-09-07