Darrell Schroeter

Professor of Physics

Reed College

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I am a condensed matter theorist. Condensed matter theory aims to use the established theories of physics (quantum mechanics, electrodynamics, statistical mechanics—most of what you study as a physics undergraduate) to understand the behavior of materials. Follow the links on the right to see what sorts of problems I've worked on within this field.

I have been teaching at Reed since 2008 (and as a visitor from 2003-2005) and have taught lots of stuff: Physics 101, 102, 201, 202, 321, 322, 342, 351, 362, 367, and 442 (what do those numbers mean? look here). I also regularly participate in Reed's unique Humanities 411 and once team-taught a power tools class with Jay Ewing during Paideia; the students built a picnic table.

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 3e

Book with cat

I was fortunate enough to collaborate with David Griffiths on the third edition of his excellent quantum mechanics text. The book's page at Cambridge University Press is here if you are looking for an evaluation copy or the solutions manual. The errata can be found on David's site here.

Nathan Harshman has reviewed the new edition for the American Journal of Physics (February 2019).

A Korean edition is now available (March 2019).

Physics Today has selected the text as one of its notable selections for 2019 (December 2019).

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