Reed College campus photographs

  1. Beginning of the 2000 bloom -- cherry trees at Eliot Circle

  2. March 2000 bloom -- cherry trees at Eliot Circle

  3. March 2000 bloom -- cherry trees and Eliot east entrance, Eliot Circle

  4. After the bloom -- cherry trees at Eliot Circle

  5. View to the west, Eliot Circle, at sunset

  6. Eliot Hall

  7. Southeast view of Eliot Hall

  8. Eliot from the Magic Grove

  9. Old Dorm Block

  10. Kaul Auditorium and Gray Campus Center

  11. Gray Campus Center

  12. Crystal Lake

  13. April Fool's Sign 2000

  14. Quiett Infirmary

  15. Hauser Library viewed across front lawn

  16. Unified Science Library wing, Hauser Library

  17. Greywood building, vestige of the old Faculty Office Building

  18. Chapel outside stair window detail

  19. "New" cross-canyon bridge at Bragdon Hall

  20. Bragdon Hall

  21. Cerf Amphitheatre as viewed from Commons

  22. Cerf Amphitheatre from the cross-canyon bridge

  23. Cerf Amphitheatre

  24. A cross-canyon dormitory from the base of Crystal Lake

  25. An artistic use for the heating tunnel vent across from the chapel stairway

  26. Physical Plant offices at the original heating plant building

  27. South entrance to Psychology with Chemistry in the background

  28. Ornamental fruit tree blossoms crown the Reactor building behind Psychology

  29. Vollum College Center from Eliot circle

  30. Watzek Sports Center northeast view and NE corner of Kaul Auditorium

  31. East view of the Student Union

  32. Southeast view of the Student Union

  33. Eliot circle cherry trees in autumn 2000.

2000 Robert E. Reynolds

Reed College.