Kyle M. Ormsby
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Mathematics
Reed College
Library 306

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Welcome! I'm an associate professor in (and also chair of) the Department of Mathematics at Reed College.

My research is in algebraic topology with an emphasis on computations in the chromatic and motivic settings.

During Spring 2021 I am teaching Math 201: Linear Algebra and Math 342: Topology. Most of the course materials are freely accessible from anywhere, so you can follow along if you like!

30.VIII.19: Irena Swanson and I are serving as faculty liaisons to the inaugural Social/Liaison Mathematics Group (SL(m)) at Reed. Download the poster and apply.
1.VII.19: New paper on the categorical equivariant Barratt-Eccles operad and biased permutative equivariant categories.
27.VI.19: New paper on the homotopy groups of the $\eta$-periodic motivic sphere spectrum.
1.III.18: Reed College is hosting the Underreprsented Students in Topology and Algebra Research Symposium (USTARS) April 7-9, 2018.
26.VIII.17: Check out Project Project, the math visualization group I led summer 2017.
Updated August 2019.