1381. Gay sex is a mindset, not an act <3
303. oh my god just practice safe sex its not that hard
72. which means: you are probably a freak i want: to tear you like a piece of paper (sexual)
15. reedies are 'feminists' until they encounter a femme person likes sex and presents themself in a feminine way then theyre a "stupid slut"
1656. Can: the drug and sex ring In Trillium
Please: stop leaving their used condoms, needles, and lighters
In: the laundry room and lint screens
Its: scary
1361. coercion: is not how you have sex with your partner
nor is: emotional manipulation and guilt tripping about the lack of sex
1198. why preach 'safer sex' if you dont practice it
805. you: said that if we weren't friends you would have sex with me for $50 we: should stop being friends.
744. a: wise man once said
'Id rather reed be a sexually tense community than just a tense community'
is: this sexual tension?
or: just tension?
614. Kerr(odb) first floor: please don't have sex in the kitchen <3
it's a communal space and yall barricaded that door shut for 3 hours
564. something ive been realizing/thinking over a lot
is that: even w casual hookups its important to keep in mind
sex: is a really intimate way of knowing someone