Professional Development

Teaching College Science

In the spring of 2013, I completed MSU's Teaching College Science course. The course was an introduction to theories and practices of college teaching, particularly focusing on science education. The course covered theories of learning, lesson development, teaching strategies, textbook analysis, group work, active learning, instructional technology, and assessment. The course offered multiple opportunities for students to practice teaching strategies with short lessons presented to their peers. For a final project, students prepared a syllabus and lesson plans for a typical course.

Physics Education Research

In the fall of 2010, I completed MSU's Physics Education Research course. This seminar course introduced students to physics education research by reading seminal and current papers in the field. Topics covered included: novices and experts, concept inventories, student expectations, how to learn, epistemology, pre-medical students, use of laboratories, "Physics First," tutorials, peer instruction, "Just in Time Teaching," and web-based homework.