Teaching Evaluations

TRIUMF Postdoc Lecture Series

The TRIUMF Postdoc Lecture Series provides free lectures for graduate students and teaching experience for postdocs. Postdocs are invited to give 6-10 lectures on a particular topic. The lectures are aimed at junior graduate students, but are completely customizable by the postdoc. I gave six one-hour lectures on Nuclear Physics in Summer 2015. Class size ranged from 7 to 22 and students included lab staff, senior undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs After the course, I sent out an evaluation survey to my students asking five questions:

  1. How much did you expect to learn?
  2. How much did you learn?
  3. What did you think was good/helpful/interesting in the course?
  4. What could be improved in the course?
  5. What would you have liked to learn more about?
A copy of the results from this survey are available upon request.