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IMSRGSolver Class Reference


class  ODE_Monitor

Public Member Functions

 IMSRGSolver (Operator &H_in)
void NewOmega ()
void SetHin (Operator &H_in)
void SetReadWrite (ReadWrite &r)
void Reset ()
void AddOperator (Operator &Op)
void UpdateEta ()
void SetMethod (string m)
void Solve ()
void Solve_magnus_euler ()
void Solve_magnus_modified_euler ()
Operator Transform (Operator &OpIn)
 Returns \( e^{Omega} \mathcal{O} e^{-Omega} \).
Operator Transform (Operator &&OpIn)
Operator InverseTransform (Operator &OpIn)
 Returns \( e^{-Omega} \mathcal{O} e^{Omega} \).
Operator GetOmega (int i)
int GetOmegaSize ()
int GetNOmegaWritten ()
Operator Transform_Partial (Operator &OpIn, int n)
Operator Transform_Partial (Operator &&OpIn, int n)
void SetFlowFile (string s)
void SetDs (double d)
void SetDsmax (double d)
void SetdOmega (double d)
void SetSmax (double d)
void SetGenerator (string g)
void SetOmegaNormMax (double x)
void SetODETolerance (float x)
void SetEtaCriterion (float x)
void SetMagnusAdaptive (bool b)
int GetSystemDimension ()
OperatorGetH_s ()
OperatorGetEta ()
GeneratorGetGenerator ()
void UpdateOmega ()
void UpdateH ()
void WriteFlowStatus (ostream &)
void WriteFlowStatusHeader (ostream &)
void WriteFlowStatus (string)
void WriteFlowStatusHeader (string)
void SetDenominatorCutoff (double c)
void SetDenominatorDelta (double d)
void SetDenominatorDeltaIndex (int i)
void SetDenominatorDeltaOrbit (string o)
void CleanupScratch ()
void operator() (const deque< Operator > &x, deque< Operator > &dxdt, const double t)
void Solve_ode ()
void Solve_ode_adaptive ()
void Solve_ode_magnus ()

Public Attributes

deque< OperatorFlowingOps
Operator H_saved
Operator Eta
deque< OperatorOmega
Generator generator
int istep
double s
double ds
double ds_max
double smax
double norm_domega
double omega_norm_max
double eta_criterion
string method
string flowfile
IMSRGProfiler profiler
int n_omega_written
int max_omega_written
bool magnus_adaptive
ODE_Monitor ode_monitor
vector< double > times
vector< double > E0
vector< double > eta1
vector< double > eta2
string ode_mode
float ode_e_abs
float ode_e_rel

Member Function Documentation

Operator IMSRGSolver::Transform_Partial ( Operator OpIn,
int  n 

Returns \( e^{\Omega} \mathcal{O} e^{-\Omega} \) for the \(\Omega_i\)s with index greater than or equal to n.

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