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Generator Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void SetType (string g)
string GetType ()
void Update (Operator *H, Operator *Eta)
void AddToEta (Operator *H, Operator *Eta)
void SetDenominatorCutoff (double c)
void SetDenominatorDelta (double d)
void SetDenominatorDeltaIndex (int i)
void SetDenominatorDeltaOrbit (string orb)
void ConstructGenerator_Wegner ()
void ConstructGenerator_White ()
void ConstructGenerator_Atan ()
void ConstructGenerator_ImaginaryTime ()
 Imaginary time generator.
void ConstructGenerator_ShellModel ()
void ConstructGenerator_ShellModel_Atan ()
void ConstructGenerator_ShellModel_ImaginaryTime ()
void ConstructGenerator_HartreeFock ()
double Get1bDenominator (int i, int j)
double Get2bDenominator (int ch, int ibra, int iket)

Public Attributes

string generator_type
double denominator_cutoff
double denominator_delta
int denominator_delta_index

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