Ragnar Stroberg

Physics Department, Reed College

I am a visiting assistant professor in the physics department at Reed College in Portland Oregon. My Courses:

Fall 2017: Electrodynamics I

Spring 2018: Electrodynamics II

My main research interest is in ab initio nuclear structure calculations of medium-mass nuclei, using the in-medium similarity renormalization group (IM-SRG) technique.

These slides from a talk I gave at the 2017 ARIS conference in Keystone Colorado should give a flavor of what I do.

Some recent publications (a more exaustive list is in my CV):

Curriculum Vitae

The course page for the Postdoc Lecture series on the Nuclear Shell Model may be found here

Docmumentation for my IM-SRG code

Github repository of source for my IM-SRG code.

My academic family tree

Contact info:

Physics Building 126
Reed College
3203 Woodstock Blvd
Portland OR, 97202

Office: 503-771-1112 x 473
Email: rstroberg (at) reed.edu