Introduction (Please read this brief section BEFORE beginning the sections below)

Who Are We?

01. Who are we?
02. Are people all alike?
03. How are people different from other animals?
04. How do we humans live?
05. What is Earth?
06. Where is Earth?
07. How do we get shelter, clothing, and food?
08. What is bartering?
09. What is money?
10. Why do some of us live close together in towns and cities?
11. What are conveniences of living in larger groups?
12. What are difficulties of living in larger groups?
13. How do rules and laws get made?
14. What parts of life do laws usually affect?
15. How do people get the main jobs in the branches of government?
16. Who votes in elections?
17. How important is it for any particular person to vote?
18. What kinds of responsibilities come with living in groups?
19. Who pays for special needs, and how do they do it?
20. Do people also have non-material needs?
21. How are non-material needs met?
22. What don't we know?
23. What is religion?
24. What is science?
25. Do religion and science provide complementary viewpoints?
26. What is art?
27. What is history?
28. What is mathematics?
29. What is philosophy?
30. What is ethics?
31. What are basic rights of humans?
32. What is social science?
33. What is cognitive science?
34. What is business?
35. Doesn't free trade mean a better life for workers in other countries?
36. What is the practice of journalism?
37. What is the practice of medicine?
38. What is the practice of law?
39. What are the punishments for breaking the law?
40. What is the practice of pharmacy?
41. What are "drugs" when they are not medicine?
42. What is the practice of engineering?
43. What other kinds of employment are common?
44. What difference does all this make?
45. What large questions remain to be answered?
46. Where do we go from here?

Appendix (aspects of sexuality and citizenship)

47. What do differences among people have to do with sexuality?
48. What does sexuality have to do with being a citizen?
49. What about pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and related issues?

Questions about the tentative answers

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