Letter from Pvt. Tom Fahey to Sgt. Ballard Fahey, mailed January 7, 1919

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Esch Luxembourg

Dear Bro.

The first sergeant
showed me the letter
you wrote asking
about me. I can't
understand why you
have not got my letters.
I have wrote you three
letters that I know
of since I got back.
One shortly after I got
back. One before we
came on this front.
One about Nov. 1st and
come to think of it I
wrote about 10 days
ago. Sure seems funny
you haven't gotten
them. I will try and
tell you a little of

what happened since
I saw you.

I got back to
the company the
night I left you. I
found the division
ration dump thru
the AM. Jumped a
truck and traced it
up from there. I just
got back in time for
the St. Mihiel drive
which started Sept 12th
I went thru that O.K.
There were four other
N.C.O.'s went a.w.o.l.
from Nancy after I
left and when I got
back I found that
all five of us were

busted. I know I
would not of been
busted if it had not
of been for the others
going and I would of
been made again
soon only we lost
our Captain. Our new
Company Commander
was OK. Well we
went over the top on
Oct. 14th and after
that we had another
Co. C. So things have
been mixed up some
what. I have got no
where but I will tell
you the truth I don't
give a damn now.
One thing I did get

was a divisional
citation for a few
things I done while
we were building the
four pontoon bridges
across the Meuse on
Nov 3rd and 4th. We spent the
last 27 days straight
on the front and Ballard
it was Hell. It was
in the Argonne and
there were lots of Germans.
I pulled thru with only
a little gas. Got enough
to feel the effects of
it for a couple of
weeks. Got it the
14th of Oct. We were
supposed to go five Kilos
that morning and

only went 1. They sure
were ready for us. We
were supposed to build
some ford bridges
about half way that
time and we were
carrying lumber with
us. We didn't carry
the lumber very far
till everybody dropped
it and started after
the Germans. And Ballard
there were lots of them.
I was a lot luckier
tha(n) about 70 of our
boys that day. It was

I don't know when
we will get home. I
expect it will be three

months at least.
I will write you in
a few days again.
Hello to the bunch.

Your loving bro


Pvt T Fahey
Co F 7th Engrs
American E. F.