Math 332 Projects, Spring 2015

For your final project in Math 332, you will write a 5-10 page paper on a special topic in algebra. Using the techniques we have developed throughout the term, you will explore a topic slightly outside the standard curriculum. Your task is to choose a topic, understand definitions, basic theorems, and proofs surrounding that topic, and then write a document that explains that material to your fellow students. You don't have to prove everything you write about, but the document should contain precise statements and some proofs.

You are encouraged to consult the instructor in choosing your topic. Below you will find a nonexclusive list of potential topics you could consider studying. But first, deadlines:

Potential topics are many and far-ranging. The only requirements are that (a) the topic interests you, (b) algebra (groups, rings, etc.) plays a significant role in the definitions or theorems related to the topic, and (c) you can reasonably exposit the material to your peers in 5-10 pages. Below are a few possibilities. Use the internet (google and MathSciNet) and the library to try and track down information, and talk to me if you are having trouble finding good sources.

It is recommended (but not required) that you write your paper using the LaTeX document preparation system. You are welcome to use the following template in preparing your writeup.

Please do not deviate substantially from the standard formatting imposed by the above template (letter paper, 11 point font, 1.5 inch margins).

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