Minott Kerr

From the Fall of 1991 to the Spring of 1997 I was a Visiting Assistant Professor in art history and humanities at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. I now work as a GIS (Geographical Information Systems) specialist in the Data Resource Center at Metro, the regional planning and service entity for the greater Portland area.

Teaching Background

While at Reed my primary teaching duty was with the first year humanities course which studies ancient Greece and Rome from Homer to Saint Augustine (via a slight detour in Ancient Palestine). Some of my lectures for this class are available on the WWW. I taught courses on medieval and renaissance architecture, the city of Rome and Ancient Roman art and architecture and have directed senior theses on: the art patronage of Richard II; the evangelist symbol in Insular manuscript illumination; reading and images in the Utrecht Psalter; recent historiography of French Gothic Architecture; the New Market Theater here in Portland; Gustave Caillebotte; Rembrandt's images of Susanna; the video works of Bill Viola; and an examination of idea of mimesis in modernist and post-modernist art history and criticism.

Former Scholarly Interests

My academic research concentrated on Romanesque architecture and sculpture in Burgundy in central France, where I have done extensive field work examining the buildings and remains from this period. My dissertation (Yale University, 1994) on the former Cluniac priory church at Paray-le-Monial examined the construction history of the building and its relation in terms of form, function and structure to local, regional and international currents of the 12th century. Hard as it may be to believe, my thesis tied for 7th on UMI's "Best Seller" List in 1996! Parts of the text are available on-line.

In addition, I am working with a number of other people on a project directed by James Morganstern of Ohio State University studying the abbey church of Notre-Dame at Jumièges in Normandy near Rouen.

I have also been interested in the history of the city of Rome from prehistory to the present. In that context, I was especially interested in the political, ecclesiastical and artistic connections between the abbey of Cluny and the Papacy and also in Roman triumphal arches and their relation to the topography of the ancient city.

Many of my syllabi and conference papers are available electronically.

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