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Theses Advised 1993-2002

Anderson, Nicholas James. "'Alias Cutpurse' : The Theatricality of Identity And Gender in Early Modern England" (2000).

Aryee, Kokoi. "The Dilemma of Reading Henry James'sThe Golden Bowl" (1997).

Baldwin, Jesse Lovejoy. "Ruminating in Different Colors : The Form, Content and Direction of Tom Stoppard's Travesties (2000).

Braden, Anne Maureen. "Shakespeare's Uses of History in Richard II" (1993).

Cameron, Jennifer. "Tom Stoppard's Metatheatre: The Play's the Thing" (2002).

Chettero, Nicole Pilar. "'Dym steele' : The Poems of Aemilia Lanyer" (1994).

DeGiacomo, Rosamond Jean. "Shakespeare's Othello: Boundaries Reconsidered" (1994).

Farvour, Rebecca. "Literature & Myth : The Oresteia and Horestes" (1993).

Fisher, Graham C. "Beckett and Ashbery" (2000).

Fisher, Joshua Benjamin. "Galling the kibe : Socio-Cultural Interactions and Appropriations in Renaissance England" (1994).

Forbes, Erin Elizabeth. "The Role of Skepticism: King Lear and The Confidence Man" (2002).

Godfrey, Mollie A. "Virgin/Woman/Whore: Representation and Resistance in Measure for Measure and Ulysses" (2001).

Haggas, Kristine. "The Art of Reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being: Irony, Ethics, Metaphor, and The Instability of Meaning" (1998).

Hodenfield, Hallie Hart. "Hamlet's Theatrical Apprenticeship" (2002).

Hutchins, Daniel de Paula Valentim. "Hunting for the Trace of Sublimity: A Critical Perspective on Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness" (2002).

Hull, Zachary David. "The Ragged Truth in "the deadly space between" : An Analysis of Billy Budd Sailor: (An Inside Narrative)" (1995).

Klems, Stephen Joseph. "As an imperfect actor" (1999).

Krock, Leslie. "The Urban Sublime" (2000).

Little, James Derek. Canonization and Discursive Spiral in John Donne's Love Poetry" (1997).

Logan, Brooke. "Ceremony: Chaos and Order in Chaucer's "'Knight's tale'" (1998).

Meisler, Daniel Seth. "Moral and Aesthetic Individualism : Nietzsche and Tolstoy" (1993).

Michelson, Anne. "Playing with Shakespeare: Genre and Convention in Ann-Marie MacDonald's Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)" (2002).

Morton, Dawson. "The Assembly of Meaning : Worker Storytelling and Raymond Carver" (1995).

Neumann, Ryan James. "Shakespeare's Metamorphoses" (2001).

Nugent, Benjamin. "The Cockfight: A Novella" (1999).

Odland, Morgan Aaron. "Patterns of Angelic Fall in English Renaissance Drama" (1993).

Parman, Leah. "Interpretation, Representation, and the Women in Hamlet" (1998).

Peach, Melody Lane. "Akira Kurosawa : King Lear and Ran" (2000).

Powell, Bethany Leigh. "Thesis Starring or Mentioning a Monkey" (2001).

Stanford, Daphne Elizabeth. "'Each man kills the thing he loves': Triangulated Eros and Hegelian Dialectic in Oscar Wilde's The picture of Dorian Gray" (2000).

Schine, Tobias E. "Making Words into People: Exploring Possibilities of the Actor in the 'Murky Matrix' of Adaptation" (2002).

Schwartz, Meridith. "Reading in the House of Busirane : Spenser's Use of Violence in Book III of The Faerie Queene" (1999).

Thompson, Robyn Lee. "Skepticism, Twincest, and the Madness of Jackie-O: The House of Yes as a Contemporary Jacobean Tragedy" (2001).

Van Buren, Alexandra. "Delineations of the law in William Shakespeare's Measure for Measure" (1998).

Whitehead, Jeffery Allen. "The Postmodern Sublime in Thomas Pynchon's V." (1993).