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Curriculum Vitae

Robert S. Knapp

Department of English

Reed College

Portland, Oregon 97202

Phone: (503) 771-1112 x7312

FAX (503) 777-7769


B. A., University of Colorado, 1962.

M. A., University of Denver, 1963.

Ph. D., Cornell University, 1968.


Princeton University: Instructor, 1966-68; Assistant Professor, 1968-74.

Reed College: Assistant Professor, 1974-77; Associate Professor, 1977-83; Professor, 1983- .

Papers and Publications

"Culture and Nature in Gawain and the Green Knight," Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies, 1977.

"Being and Meaning in the Winter's Tale," Portland Area Literary Conference, 1982.

"Devices, Differences, and Roles: The Tudor Interlude and Identity Formation," Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies, 1982.

"`Uncleanly Flux': Distinction with(out) Différance," Shakespeare Association seminar paper, 1991.

Commentator, Shakespeare Association Seminar on Reading and Writing in Shakespeare, 1992.

"Resistance, Religion, and the Aesthetic: Power and Drama in the Towneley "Magnus Herodes," Cambises, and Richard III," MLA 1992.

Leader, Shakespeare Association Seminar on Shakespeare and the Question of Ethics, 1994.

Co-Director, Shakespeare Association Seminar on the Learned and the Popular in the Drama of Shakespeare and his Contemporaries, 1997.

`Till all graces be in one woman': John Case, Much Ado about Nothing, and the Role of Opinion in Marriage," Shakespeare Association Seminar Paper, 1997.

"`It is not absurd, if a man should believe his wife better than himself': John Case on Marriage," Folger Evening Colloquium, March 1997.

Looking at Richard: Theatrical State in Richard II: Shakespeare Association Seminar on Richard II, April, 2002.

"Samuel Beckett's Allegory of the Uncreating Word," Mosaic, 6 (Winter, 1973): 71-83.

"Horestes: The Uses of Revenge," ELH, 40 (Summer, 1973): 205-20.

"The Monarchy of Love in Lyly's Endimion," MP, 73 (May, 1976): 353-67.

"Love Allegory in John Grange's The Golden Aphroditis," English Literary Renaissance, 8 (Autumn, 1978): 256-70.

"Life Without Father: What Foucault Might Mean for Literary Criticism," SCE Reports, 11 (Spring, 1982): 9-31.

"Penance, Irony, and Chaucer's Retraction," Assays, 2 (1983): 45-67.

Shakespeare: The Theater and the Book. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1989.

"Resistance, Religion, and the Aesthetic: Power and Drama in the Towneley "Magnus Herodes," Cambises, and Richard III," RORD (1994).

"There's letters from my mother; what th'import is, I know not yet," Reading and Writing in Shakespeare, ed. David M. Bergeron (Newark: University of Delaware Press, 1996).

"'Is it appropriate for a man to fear his wife?': John Case on Marriage," English Literary Renaissance (1998).

"Outprized by a Trifle: Wealth and Shakespeare," Oregon Humanities, Spring, 2003.


Fellowships and Awards

NEH Institute for College Teachers, Reed College, 1979 (Subject Area Co-ordinator).

NEH Seminar in Residence, University of Chicago, 1979-80.

Director, NEH Seminar for Secondary School Teachers, Summer, 1984.

Vollum Senior Sabbatical Award, 1988-89.

Director, NEH Seminar for School Teachers, Summer, 1990.

Folger Shakespeare Institute, NEH Summer Institute, 1992.

Director, NEH Seminar for School Teachers, Summer, 1995.

Long-term Fellowship, Folger Shakespeare Library, 1995-96.