Statistics Links


The StatLib Index at CMU.



Robin Lock's Data Surfing web page.
The StatLib Index at CMU.
The The Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)
Directory of machine-learning-databases at UC Irvine.
UCLA's Data Sets web page.

Current political poll data is available at several sites:
The Polling Report, which includes commentary.
The People and the Press: PEW research center.
Nate Silver's blog.
Silly online polls

Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases

Stock Market and Finance USA Today

Physics Constants


R: gnu S
US CRAN mirror
Octave numerical software, similar to matlab.
TNT the Template Numerical Toolkit, part of the GAMS project at NIST.
Mathematical and Statistical Software (netlib)
Graphics and analysis software

Educational Resources

ABC News Science page including John Allen Paulos's Who's Counting? Columns.
Venables and Ripley Modern Applied Statistics
Patrick Burns S poetry
Susan Holmes Probability by Surprise
Statistics Mailing lists via, or Mike Fuller's List of Statistics Lists.
The online Journal of Statistics Education
Venables and Ripley: Modern Applied Statistics in S: datasets, S functions, and text complements.
ETNA Electronic Transactions On Numerical Analysis

Graduate Programs in Statistics

List of Graduate programs and email contacts.

Organizations and other links

The Medical Geopgraphy Digest.
American Statistical Association
the Institue of Mathematical Statistics
Electronic Services in Statistics
SNET: Simulation Network
University of Washington Statistics department.
University of Minnesota School of Statistics
Mathematical Sciences Education Board
Duke Institute of Statistics and Decision Sciences
Markov Chain Monte Carlo preprint archive.

The Statistics page at the University of Florida has links to many academic departments.

Math links

History of Mathematics
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Mathematics
Math Education Resources
Favorite Mathematical Constants
Mathematical Quotation Server
The Probability Web
Contents of Electronic Journal of Probability

Course Materials

Math 141: Introduction to Splus.