Birth Weight data

Taken from Stat Labs by Nolan and Speed, originally from the Child Health and Development Studies conducted at the Oakland, CA, Kaiser Foundation Hospital. The variables are
  1. bwt: baby's weight in ounces at birth
  2. gestation: duration of pregnancy in days
  3. parity: parity indicator (first born = 1, later birth = 0)
  4. age: mother's age in years
  5. height: mother's height in inches
  6. weight: mother's weight in pounds (during pregnancy)
  7. smoke: indicator for whether mother smokes (1=yes, 0=no)

The data are in "data frame" format, which are arrays of data in which each case (here an individual) corresponds to a row, and each variable corresponds to a column. The row labels for these data frames are just row numbers, the column labels are the names of the variables. Only complete cases are included here.
Note: Use the following command to load the data:

Bwt = read.csv("")