MATH 112 Introduction to Analysis

Fall 2018
Irena Swanson, on sabbatical in 2017/18, on leave in Fall 2018

Course textbook: Homework is assigned from the version printed in August: Introduction to Analysis (Fall 2018 version).
There are copies of the Fall 2018 version on 2-hour reserve in the library.

Use this constantly updated and improved version of the textbook for a possibly more streamlined exposition, but do NOT use this version for the homework, as numbering may have changed from the official course notes. (As of now, there is no difference between the two versions. Let me know if you find any mathematical or typographical errors, or if you have any suggestions, or any TeXed solutions.)

Possible supplemental material: Math center tutoring: Sunday through Thursday, 7-9pm, L 389. Click here for more information.

Click here for my class schedule for spring 2017.

In general it is a good idea to read the material before class: in this way you can follow the lecture part more closely and you can ask for clarifications. If you read the material the night before the homework is due, you are unlikely to have your questions answered in time. (You may want to read my further exhortations on how to study.)

If you wish to typeset your homework with LaTeX, check out LaTeX at Reed.

If you wish to typeset your homework with (plain) TeX, click here for a sample plain TeX template for typesetting. Your browser may want to open the file and run tex on it, which means that you would then see the pdf output file and not the .tex file that created it --- make sure that you download this file as a text file. (On a Mac, after clicking here, check your Downloads folder for "samplehomework.tex".) The output of processing that tex file is this pdf file, which you may want to see for comparison. For your thesis you will probably want to use LaTeX, but plain TeX is cleaner, less verbose, and most TeX commands also work in LaTeX. (The ones that don't work have to do with matrices, and LaTeX complains about "obsolete \over" but it executes it anyway.)