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Irena Swanson
Department of Mathematics
Reed College
3203 SE Woodstock Blvd
Portland, OR 97202
Office phone: 503 517 7399
Fax: 503 788 6691
Office location: Library 315

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  • Quilting - pictures of some of my mathematics-related quilts. Check out the one about MSRI 2002/03. Apparently the quilt got lost during its move back up the hill! Sigh!

    TUBE PIECING: For the last few years I have been developing a very fast, efficient, and accurate method for making quilts. I call it tube piecing: it is to strip piecing as strip piecing is to traditional piecing. For example, I can make a quilt top with twelve rows of triangles, each row having nine red triangles pointing one way and nine yellow triangles pointing the other way, all sewn together with 32 seams only! I have many other impressive shortcuts. At the end of October 2015, my developing book has 440 pages. The book contains many concrete examples, but also mathematical formulas for changing sizes and angles. Check out my web site Please let me know if you are interested in testing ( Only standard quilting gadgets are needed (rotary cutter and mat, sewing machine, iron, fabric, thread).

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