Arthur Glasfeld

Department of Chemistry

TreeMail:  Reed College, 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd., Portland, OR 97202
Phone:  (503)517-7679

My Schedule: Spring 2013

Office hours: Mon 1:30-3, Tues 1:30-3, and whenever the door is open.

I have been at Reed College since 1989.  My research interests are in structural biochemistry, with a particular interest in metal-binding proteins, including bacterial transcription factors.  I teach courses in biochemistry and general chemistry.

A couple of publications:

J. I. Kliegman, S. L. Griner, J. D. Helmann, R. G. Brennan & A. Glasfeld (2006) "Structural basis for the metal-selective activation of the manganese transport regulator from Bacillus subtilis" Biochemistry 45, 3493-3505.

    A. Glasfeld, E. Guedon, J. D. Helmann & R. G. Brennan (2003) "Structure of the manganese transport regulator from Bacillus subtilis" Nature Structural Biology 10, 652-657.

Course Web Pages:

    Chemistry 102:  Chemical Reactivity
    Chemistry 391:  Structural Biochemistry

Other Stuff:
• Best Glasfeld-owned Businesses:  Bay State Cruises and Cliff Street Cocoa Company
• National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association, NEMDA

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