Math 112 General Information

Spring 2018, Section 03
Instructor: David Perkinson (schedule)

Course Description: Full course for one semester. Field axioms, the real and complex fields, sequences and series. Complex functions, continuity and differentiation; power series and the complex exponential. Prerequisite: Mathematics 111 or equivalent. Lecture-conference.

Text: Introduction to Analysis, by Irena Swanson, available at the bookstore. Available online by the link in the previous sentence.

Office Hours: Monday, 1:00–2:00pm, Wednesday, 1:00–2:00pm, Thursday, 2:30–3:30pm, or by appointment. To see times that may be available for an appointment, see my schedule.

Math Help Center and tutoring: Student tutors are available to help you on SMTWTh evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 in L389. Individual tutoring is also available.

Homework: There will generally be two homework assignments each week. The first will be due by 2 pm on Tuesdays. Please place your Tuesday assignment in the folder in the box outside my office (L316 on the third floor of the library). Alternatively, you could give me the assignment during class on Monday. The second weekly assignment will be collected at the beginning of class on Friday. The assignments appear on our homepage. Homework will be returned by Wednesday of each week. The grade will have two components: This first is on the correctness of the mathematics and is graded on the following scale:

    5 - perfect
    4 - minor mistakes
    3 - major mistake, right idea
    2 - wrong but contains a significant idea
    1 - wrong but contains a relevant idea
    0 - none of the above

    NG - not graded
The second component is for the quality of your writing: Are you using complete sentences? Is the solution neatly presented? (If you have trouble with handwriting, like me, you should consider TeX-ing your solutions.) The second component is graded with ✓-, ✓, or ✓+. These designate: "unacceptable", "fine", and "outstanding", respectively. The latter two of these will count the same as part of a final grade.

Grades: Your grade will be based on your performance on the homework, the two midterms, and final exam, and class participation.

Academic honesty: You are welcome, even encouraged, to work together on homework. However, after discussing a problem, you must write up your own solution independently. Your written work should honestly represent your understanding of the material. You should also acknowledge your collaborators and tutors by listing their names at the start of your solution. Copying another's work will be considered an honor policy violation.

Technology in the classroom: Dealing with email or browsing the internet using a cellphone or computer during class is distracting for both the instructor and fellow students and is, thus, prohibited. Legitimate uses of technology such as for note-taking or following online lecture notes are fine.

Food in the classroom: Eating meals is not allowed in class—it is too distracting.

  • Late homework assigments (i.e., turned in after the beginning of class on the day they are due), if complete, may be given half-credit, but it is unlikely you will get written comments on your work.
  • If you miss an assignment or quiz due to an illness, please inform me as soon as possible.
  • You are responsible for making sure airline reservations at the end of the semester do not conflict with our final exam date.