Personal Dictionaries

These portraits were created by overlaying my subject's personal dictionaries with their photograph. Their personal dictionary is a collection of the words that they've added to their word processor spell-check which would otherwise show up as mispelled.

There are three versions of this series of portraits. The first is a set of 16" x 16" photographs exhibited at Portland's Nine Gallery in June of 1995. Willamette Week published this review of the show

The second is an interactive Macintosh version of the same photos. It was selected for exhibition in the New Voices New Visions interactive art competition and is now included on the NVNV '95 CD-ROM published by Voyager.

The third version is the www version you see below. Unfortunately the visual quality of these images had to be reduced to give reasonable file sizes. The original images are about 300 Megs each, uncompressed. Click on an image to enlarge it...

Gary (40K)
Greg (76K)
Barbara (84K)
Haley (80K)
Jaime (48K)
Jennifer (44K)
Kevin (56K)
Lynn (76K)
Matt (48K)
Melinda (48K)
Quinton (44K)
Tracy (80K)

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Updated Friday, November 8, 2002

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