“The evil life of Confucius”


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All reactionaries praise Confucians. That traitor Lin Biao who sold out our nation was a close follower of Confucius. No different than any other reactionaries in history who were on the verge of being destroyed, he praised Confucius and opposed the law, using Confucius and Mencius in his scheming to usurp power and in his reactionary ideological arsenal bent on restoring capitalism. The consequences were no different than that of any reactionary group – the revolution of the masses relegated him to the garbage heap of history. The mass of workers always stand at the vanguard in the struggle to oppose Confucius; they are the main attack force in criticizing Confucius. From Chen Sheng and Wu Guang all the way to the Taiping Rebellion, all the previous revolutionary struggles of peasants in our nation’s history violently struck out against the reactionary ideologies of Confucius and his kind. In our nation’s history of the workers’ revolutionary struggle, their anti-Confucius revolutionary essence has always radiated an undying brilliance.





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