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Past visitors share their thoughts

From Mike J.... This is a magnificent site, particularly for those who, like myself, are trying to get a grounding in Chinese culture and history. It's not a subject which seems to get a lot of attention, which is odd, considering Chinese society's preoccupation with departed ancestors. Seems, though, that the term "hell" is a bit of a misnomer, since rewards are also meted out, as well as punishments. I'm also curious as to whether Judge Bao has been worked in here somewhere, since, as I recall, folklore has him judging both the living and the dead. Thank you for your efforts in bringing a different perspective on Chinese culture to the web.

From John E.... I have been curious about the hell scrolls for a long time and had a hard time finding the information I wanted. Then one day the Reed mag sends me right where I need to be, can't wait to dig in deeper!!!

From Barb ... Found your site as I was trying to identify pictures of Fengdu ...facinating...wish I'd found this before my trip.

From Carole L ... Thank you for the information you share on your website about the Buddhists hells.  I had the most amazing experience: my father's ghost guided me to the 10th hell and showed me what happens there.  My father was Chinese Buddhist.  I am Ameri-Asian and grew up with very different beliefs, but was profoundly moved by my father's story.  I am writing his story "Conversations with a Hungry Ghost" and am researching for visuals and any information about the hells.  It's all so very fascinating. If there is one thing I have learned from my visits to the Buddhists hells, it's to be a better citizen in this life and to love with compassion. Thank you, again.