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This is Carey's 100% electric ZAP Xebra around-town vehicle.  

It is classified as a Three-Wheeled Motorcycle and a Zero Emission Vehicle.  She sees it as a minimalist vehicle that does everything she needs around town (seats 4 plus groceries), while being drier than her bike in the wet Portland winters. It is a quiet, if bouncy ride.

With Carey's 2.7 kW Photovoltaic Solar Panel system, all of the electricity running the car is generated from the sun, making this a Solar-Powered Vehicle.


 Some of the major points about this vehicle which are posted in the back windshield are:

Maximum speed: 40 mph (no highway driving)

Range: 20 miles on an overnight charge, charging during the day adds range

Charging: on-board charger, uses regular household 110v, 3-prong outlet, 20 Amp circuit

Cost: 2 cents/mile for electricity, 3 cents/mile for eventual battery replacement

A car that gets 20mpg costs about 15 cents/mile for $3/gal gas and more for maintenance.

Batteries: Six 12-volt, lead acid, Absorbed Glass Matt, maintenance-free

Seats: 4 with seatbelts, 500 lbs. max load

Insurance: State Farm $160/year


Driving this car is like being in a one-car parade. It acts as an electric anti-depressant, as everywhere you go, people smile, wave, shout, point, give you the thumbs up, take photos, and exclaim “I love your car”.



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