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Solar Panels on Roof

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Additional Electrical Work in Garage



The next decision Carey made was to install Photovoltaic Panels on her roof for producing solar electric energy for her car and home.

This process started with a visit from Jonathan Cohen with Imagine Energy.


 Jonathan got up on the roof with a solar gauge that could tell how much sunlight would hit Carey's roof throughout the day and over the year to see if the project would be viable.  Her neighbor to the west have a large tree that shades the south part of the roof in the afternoon.  After determining there would be enough sunlight hitting the peak of the west facing roof slope, the project was a go.

A south-facing slope is the ideal location for photovoltaic cells.  When given the choice between east or west facing slopes, west facing are generally more favorable due to Portland’s morning clouds and fog that often burns off by afternoon.

Since Carey's roof was older, it needed to be replaced before the panels could be installed.  There were also two small chimneys that were no longer used to vent anything.  These had to be removed to avoid any shadows on the PV panels.  The term ‘flagpole effect’ comes from the concept that even a narrow shadow cuts out more power than indicated by its area due to connections between multiple circuits being disrupted. 

The electrical contractor also had to do extensive work in the garage.  The existing 100-amp circuit breaker box was replaced with a 200 amp one. This was partly due to a simultaneous switch from a gas furnace to an electric heat pump furnace.  

Since the panels bring in solar energy via DC, direct current, it has to be transformed into AC, alternating current.  An inverter box was installed to the left of the circuit breaker box.  Carey keeps a hand written log to determine the energy produced from the panels at different times of the year.

The third piece of electrical equipment installed in the garage is a meter required by the Energy Trust.  This assures them that the system is hooked up and working fine, since they paid for part of the unit.

Portland General Electric (PGE) has a net metering agreement with homeowners who generate energy. They buy excess energy produced by Carey's solar panels and send it back to the grid.  




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