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RainBarrel Man Collection Device in the front yard

Portland Purple Water System installed in the back yard





"Whiskey is for drinking, but water is worth fighting for."

~ Old West Saying

Carey did not stop with the generation of electricity in her home.  She decided to investigate the possibilities of harvesting her own rainwater.  Although it is well known that it frequently rains in Portland, at least in the rainy season, getting enough water in specific parts of Carey's garden required some watering in the summer.  She figured the idea of simply taking filtered roof runoff collected in rain events, storing it, then using it when needed was her next logical step in her clean, green dream home.

She first installed a covered rain barrel in the small front yard.


The back yard is where Carey does the majority of her home gardening, so her water demands are higher here.  The back yard system also takes filtered roof runoff from the screen-covered gutters, collects it in one pipe, shown left, and delivers it to a 550-gallon cistern.  This tank is equipped with a first flush diverter chamber that collects the first 15 gallons of the rain event, which has the majority of environmental pollution including dust and what the neighborhood birds might leave behind. There is a drip irrigation tube that automatically, slowly empties the diverter.

This innovative and clever system was designed and installed by Portland Purple Water Rainwater Systems.





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